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Case Study: Creation of Toms Ireland Tours and Airport Transfers Website

Table of Contents

Client Overview

Toms Ireland Tours and Airport Transfers is a premium Irish transport service company, known for delivering unique tours and airport transfers throughout Ireland. The dedicated team of professional chauffeurs aims to provide an unparalleled Irish experience filled with local charm and knowledge.

Project Objective

The primary objective was to establish a solid online presence for the client to effectively display their varied range of services including airport transfers, day tours, custom tours, corporate transfers, and golf transfers. The goal was to develop a user-friendly, visually appealing website that mirrors the professionalism and expertise of Toms Ireland Tours and Airport Transfers and allows visitors to effortlessly navigate their service offerings.

Fit Bee’s Solution

  1. Website Creation: We conceived and developed a brand-new website, ensuring an intuitive and clean interface. The design integrates the brand’s colours and symbolic Irish imagery, enhancing the visual appeal of the site.
  2. Service-Specific Pages: To adequately highlight the client’s diverse offerings, we created individual pages for each service. This clear categorization improves the user experience, encouraging engagement and potential conversions.
  3. Dynamic Quotation Form: In line with the client’s diverse customer needs, we developed a quotation form with conditional logic. This dynamic feature allows customers to provide all necessary details, enabling Toms Ireland Tours and Airport Transfers to offer precise and personalized quotes.
  4. Multilingual Option: Recognizing the international clientele of the client, we implemented a multilingual feature on the website. This addition allows visitors to switch to their preferred language, further enhancing user experience and accessibility.
  5. Logo and Branding: We crafted a new logo and branding to solidify the client’s brand identity. The updated branding encapsulates the essence of the company – reliable, professional, and quintessentially Irish.
  6. Content Creation: We penned all the content on the website to resonate with the target audience. The content is engaging, informative, and SEO-optimized, improving online visibility.


The introduction of the new website has significantly bolstered the online presence of Toms Ireland Tours and Airport Transfers. User engagement and conversion rates have improved, and the specific service pages have simplified navigation, reducing bounce rates and increasing time spent on the site.

The interactive quotation form has optimized the quote provision process, leading to an increase in accurately filled forms and subsequent conversions.

The multilingual feature has been a game-changer, enhancing accessibility for international visitors and expanding the client’s global reach.

The new logo and branding have fostered a professional image, fostering trust among potential customers. Additionally, the SEO-optimized content has enhanced search engine rankings, driving more organic traffic to the site.

In summary, the creation of the Toms Ireland Tours and Airport Transfers website by Fit Bee has dramatically improved the client’s online visibility, resulting in a rise in bookings and elevated customer satisfaction.

Visit: Toms Ireland Tours and Airport Transfers to experience our work first-hand.


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