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We offer eCommerce website design & development services with Woocommerce

Maximise online business with an eCommerce

Our eCommerce web designers have worked to build eCommerce sites for clients all across Ireland. We have learned how to develop effective eCommerce solutions for our clients that deliver results.

Here is what you should consider if you decide on an e-commerce website design and development with us:


After we’ve built your beautiful new eCommerce web design, you may want us to show you how to add more products, images, or just get you familiar with your website. This is just a little help we can offer you, but of course, as a complete solution, we can take care of any continuous updates you may want.

eCommerce Strategy

We may talk about website design a lot, but this isn’t the end of it when it comes to an eCommerce strategy. Looking at how, where, and why you want an online business helps us to develop a full service that gives your business the best chances of success.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

What your website starts out as may not be the final product. Through looking at how people actually use and respond to your website we can track and adapt how your website performs. Optimising your website for sales is a key part of our strategy.

Easy to use website

Not only are our eCommerce websites easy to use and navigate, but they are also 100% mobile-friendly and responsive - so your site can take custom no matter the device!

Secure Payments

Woocommerce can integrate various payment gateways, all of which are secured with SSL certificates to protect your customers’ sensitive details and ensure you are fully GDPR compliant throughout the checkout process.


The product range you offer might change from season to season. With Woocommerce, your retail business can evolve and grow at whatever pace you need it to. The sky’s the limit when it comes to numbers of products and pages.


Have you got software you already use? Does your website’s inventory need to sync with your physical location’s stock? Countless integrations with Woocommerce are available to you (most without additional costs)

Those Extras

There are so many options within Woocommerce: not just with its eCommerce functionality, but with discount codes, user-specific content, and much more.

Enhance your business prospects online with an expertly crafted eCommerce website design, using Woocommerce.

Our team specialises in the WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, that allows you to sell products from your eCommerce site. It’s built by WordPress as an integration to a WordPress website, so naturally it works really well.

  • It is professional & secure, one of the leading online eCommerce platforms.
  • 30% of all online stores use WooCommerce.
  • It makes analytics (and sales reports) very easy.
  • Great design capabilities – It offers a lot of flexibility, with loads of customisation options to create a stand out website.
  • Great for product and eCommerce SEO, your products will rank on Google much easier.
  • User-friendly and easy to update products, categories, archives, and more.

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