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Social Media Management Services


Social Media Packages

Our Social Media Management Pricing​

Package 1

Great value Social Media Package for growing your channels
249 Monthly
  • 2 social media channels
  • 3 posts per channel, per week
  • Posts written and designed
  • Tailored strategy
  • Unique graphics and content

Package 2

Increase your Social Media presence and reach with 3 channels managed
299 Monthly
  • 3 social media channels
  • 3 posts per channel, per week
  • Posts written and designed
  • Tailored strategy
  • Unique graphics and content

Package 3

4 Social Media channels managed and 5 post each per week
599 Monthly
  • 4 social media channels
  • Daily posts per channel
  • Posts written and designed
  • Tailored strategy
  • Unique graphics and content

Social Media Package Features Explained​

For each of our social media marketing packages, we write and design every post. With a library of thousands of eye catching designs, plus our own custom designs, we make eye catching content for your business social media platform.

Each post is unique and designed to build brand awareness and engagement with the correct technique for each platform.

Should you have a specific message you want to get across to your audience, just let us know. We’ll create a suitable post and add it to your posting schedule. This is great for limited offers, new products or company updates.

Each of our social media management packages are tailored to your business. We work with you to establish what you want to achieve in terms of areas of your business, or products, you want to promote.

We research and schedule posts to go live at the optimum times of the day for maximum reach and engagement from your page followers.

So the likes and comments are flooding in, and you are busy running your business. No problem! We interact with your customers, keep the conversation going, and point them in the right direction. Whether that’s giving them contact information, directing them to your website, or answering questions on behalf of your business. You choose what we do, and what you would like to handle yourself.

If you choose, we can handle all enquires through your business social media channels. Whether it’s questions on posts or private messages to your business. We’ll record the customer details, and email the enquiry over to you. You can let us know how you’d like certain queries handling and who in your company to forward them to.

The development of your social media marketing relies strongly on targeting the right and best audience for your goals and objectives. In fact, this kind of audience research informs all elements of your social media strategy.

Our thorough approach to audience research will help you and us to craft relevant ad messaging and campaigns structures that will mean a tailored approach. 

Let us help you narrow your focus, whilst expanding your reach with extensive social media audience research.

What can you anticipate from Fit Bee's social media packages?

Audience Growth

Expect a surge in your follower count and potential clientele, driven by our high-value content and meticulously crafted advertising campaigns.

Professional Management

We manage your social media pages and campaigns in line with the highest industry standards and best practices, ensuring your brand is always presented in the best light.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the insights of our social media experts, who will guide you on how to maximize the impact of your company's social media presence.

Amplify Your Brand's Voice on Social Media

At Fit Bee, we understand the power of social media in today’s digital age. Our social media management services are designed to help businesses like yours establish a strong online presence, engage with your audience, and ultimately, drive growth.

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