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Benefits of PPC Advertising

It's extremely targeted

It pulls in quality traffic. PPC traffic is more likely to convert​.

They are looking for you

People are already searching for your products or services on search engines​.

It's measurable

It's easy to measure your return on advertising spend and you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement.

it's fast

It drives immediate results. It will dramatically boos your website traffic.

Increase revenue, sales, leads

As long as you offer great products or services, PPC advertising will likely drive conversions.

Compete wth larger businesses

You can target less popular, niche keywords that your competitors are missing.


Having dealt with a few different PPC agencies, we were extremely surprised to see such great results with Fit Bee. We took a chance, and in all honesty did not expect much, but it went so well that we ended up committing to them long term.
Andrea McQuillan
We've seen a massive increase in sales since the campaign started and the ROI is steadily increasing as the campaign matures.
Pat Brennan
Really like working with Fit Bee. They are all really responsive, with great attitude, fast delivery, and so very helpful, definitely the best move I made moving from my previous agency.
Jim Dowling
I highly recommend Fit Bee. They really listen to what our business is trying to achieve and work hard to come up with innovative ideas to supplement our marketing strategy.
Simon Collins
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